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Frequently Asked Questions for Shoppers

Estate and moving sales can be addictive! To make your urban treasure hunting successful, there are a few things to take into consideration. 


Here are a few tips in no particular order:


What are numbers?

It's not surprising to have people waiting for doors to open. Sometimes they wait for hours. Sometimes, they camp overnight. To keep everything fair and orderly, numbers are given out at a posted time before the sale starts.

TIP: Pre-Numbers are oftern distributed by the first shoppers to arrive at the sale. Look for car closest to the house and you may find the Pre-Numbers ...


What should I bring with me?

​Very little. Put your method of payment and ID in your pocket and leave everything else safely in your car.

We've implemented a 'Hands Free' policy where you may be asked to leave your purse with the cashier and/or we may soon be asking to inspect handbags as shoppers leave. 


Do you accept returns?

No. All purchases are final, no exceptions. Be sure to inspect all items carefully so that you're satisfied with the treasures you've found. Make sure the album is in the record sleeve, all the buttons are on the jacket and there are no surprise chips on the Lenox.


Can I bring my children with me?

​That's your call - and your responsibility. Estate and moving sales aren't typically kid friendly ~ lots of stacked breakables, perhaps treacherous floor plans, stairways & rugs. If your child is with you, please keep a watchful eye


Will you help me carry my new armoire to the car?

​No, but you can use my hand truck. Lifting and hauling is not a service we can safely offer insuring the proper care of your purchase and the continued well being of the sales staff.


How soon do I need to remove my items?

​As soon as possible, really. If you need to make arrangements with family or friends to help you move out large items, that's certainly understandable and we'll make every effort to accomodate you. If you know you're really after a bedroom suite or large piece of furniture, make arrangements for a transfer company before the sale to be available. You can always rent a pick up from Home Depot or Menards's at an hourly rate.


Can you hold this sofa while I go home and measure?

​No. I wish we could but our job is to liquidate the contents of the home as efficiently and effectively as possible. Call prior to the sale with any questions and we'll be delighted to give you the measurements or answer any questions about the items to be sold.


I'm going to be out of town during your sale! Can I buy the tandem bike today?

​No. We don't presell anything. It wouldn't be fair to those who wait. Once it's listed for sale and advertised, the owners have the right to remove items from the sale though it's strongly discouraged for them to do that. It's not fair to those who wait.


I don't understand what 'Bids' are?

​You are not alone. And it's a great way to get a super deal as well as have the items of your desire waiting for your on the 2nd day!


Here's how bids work: Let's say you really like chair but it's priced a bit more than you liked to pay. You're also willing to gamble that no one else will come along after you've left and snatch it up for the already great price. In that case, you leave a BID. For a bid to be considered, it must be OVER the 2nd days discount. If the chair is $100, on the second day it will be marked down to $70 (if it's still there). Your bid must be more than $75 to be considered. If there are multiple bids, the highest one receives the phone call Saturday evening. If there are multiple bids, the earliest one gets the call. We do not look at bids during the sale so there's no prejudice if an item has received any bids during the day.

TIP: Bid an odd number like $77.50. You'd be surprised on how many people leave exactly the same bid amount.


l love to haggle. Let's haggle, OK?

​Haggling is fun in the markets of Istanbul - at least, that's what I hear. We don't haggle. Our prices are firm on the first day and the second we offer discounts on practically everything. When Best Buy embraces the haggle, so will I but not until then. 


Hey! What is the SOLD sign doing on the lamp I was planning to buy?

Well, it could have been a lot of things but probably a bad case of 'Hesitateitis'. It can ruin your day. If you see something you really want, don't leave it until it's been written up on a sales ticket and a SOLD sign with your name on it is attached. Once you walk away from an item it becomes fair game for other shoppers. If you walk outside to call the accountant, it may be sold while you're on the phone. Don't hesitate. Don't walk away. And be really clear about the items you're planning to buy. If the dining table and chairs are marked separately, be sure to say "I want the chair AND the table"


I see something sparkley in that pile under the table with a SOLD sign sort of close to it. I don't think anyone will mind if I take a closer look, will they?

OH YES they will and that's when the crowd turns ugly. Dealers and experienced estate sale shoppers will amass their finds under tables as they continue to scour the house for more. Once it's been written up and SOLD sign is on it - stay away - it's claimed. 

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