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Frequently Asked Questions for People Considering a Sale

Estate and moving sales can be great way to liquidate the contents efficiently, effectively and profitably! To make your sale successful, there are a few things to take into consideration.  


Here are a few tips in no particular order:


What's the first thing I should do to prepare for a sale?

​You're doing it right now - research. Find several companies that you'd like to interview for the project and contact them. Set up meetings for them to present their qualifications to you and to tour the home.


There's so much stuff! I'd really like to start donating items and tossing things...

NOOooooo - don't do it! You never know what's of value and could be reused. You'll be shocked at what people buy from the 50 year old neck ties to the half full box of bandaids - people will buy it all. If you really can't resist just cleaning out something, start with the old Cool Whip plastic containers and Tupperware pieces that have lost their lids. STOP after that.

TIP: Donate AFTER the sale, not before.


Is there an estate sale season?

No, people will come to sales all year long. There are weekends to avoid but overall, estate sale shoppers are a hardy bunch with no fear of Mother Nature.


What should I look for in an estate sale company?

​Well, they should have references for you to contact. They should have a contract for you to review. We're required to be bonded - they should show the paperwork to you. They should ultimately be interested in understanding what your needs are, what needs to happen and the timeframe to get it done. This is my profession, not a hobby or part time job. The company you hire should have experience beyond watching HGTV shows about pickers, auctions and hidden treasures under the davenport.


When can I expect to be paid?

I like to present a check within three days of the sale, usually faster in reality. If there is an extenuating situation ~ for example, dividing the proceeds among different family members or sending payment out of state may take a couple of days longer to verify that the payment allocations are correct.

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